Kannele illustration line art with decorative elements
Latvijas Vēstnesis, Mint, Somu māja, Fleetsheet, Kinomuzejs, Rakstnieku savienība, ZEIT, Lapsas māja, Cadrok


Everyone has their own superpowers, mine is to show up yours.

Ciemats Pipari

Kannele project image cienats pipari website
Web page concept
UI&UX design
Website for an ecological and energy-efficient village near the center of the capital, creating a hospitable and informative platform for potential homeowners.

Prozas lasījumi

Kannele Prozas lasijumi 2020 elements mockup
Visual identity
Brand concept
Visual materials
Website concept
Festival identity, campaign materials, graphic system and website concept for the international literary festival "Prose Readings 2020".

Fleetsheet App

Fleetsheet website mockup
Visual identity
Brand concept
UI&UX design
Landing page
Visual identity, brand concept and digital design for a fleet management system technology company representing the future of fleet management.

Mežonīgā republika

Kannele projects Mezoniga republika mockup prints
Visual identity
Brand concept
Website design
Naming, visual identity, and website for a new brand that unites several tourism companies in the Gauja National Park.

Lapsas Māja

Lapas maja logo mockup
Visual identity
Brand identity for the city restaurant. The icon combines the silhouette of a curious, playing with the ratio of positive/negative space.
Cadrok website mockup Mobile
Brand concept
UI&UX design
Website and brand concept using the new logo for an audio, video, sound and stage technical solutions company.